s/y Aura - OR L-35 – an example of it’s era

Aura was built complying with the RORC rating rules, although the philosophy as well as the style of the yacht is more like the style of the early 20th century. It has lots of similar features as smaller yachts known as “archipelago yachts”. These were very long and very narrow yachts. Only a few years after Aura, these types of yachts became very rare. The new rating rules began to emphasize the length of the yacht, the beam, flat bottoms etc. which lead to many positive properties of the boats even though there were no return for classical yachts to the races within these new rating rules. Certainly there still are races with yachts like Aura in single type classes and mR classes, but if we are honest one has to admit that the races are history. Now it is time to enjoy the long and narrow hull on the nice trips in the coming years.