Once again we participated in the Envisail event

The Finnish Environment Center has celebrated the World's Environment Day with this Envisailin sailing event fourteen times. This year the Envisail was sailed on the waters of Suomenlinna.

In the sunny and calm weater the best boat in the competitionwas May Be IV skippered by tapio Lehtinen from HSS.  Second was Sphinx of the John Nurmisen Foundation skipperd by Antti Toukolehto and third was the boat Windy also from john Nurminen Foundation skipered by Ville Rajala. Our 50 years ol classical Aura completed the competionwith dignity until the end.


Helsinki classic yacht week 3.–10.8.2013

Helsinki Classic Yacht Week brought domestic and international classical boats to the event in Helsinki open for everybody. Varvilahti at the historical Suomenlinna sea fort was the center of the event. People came to see the beautiful wooden boats and attend interesting programs. They enjoyed the surroundings of cultural history in the harbour of Varvilahti, the harbour of the Suomenlinna Yacht Club. 


Aura in Stockholm, 50 years celebration tour

The plan was to make a long celebration tour from Helsinki to Stockholm and further on to the south maybe all the way to Västerik and return through Gotland. However there were very weak and mainly westerly winds so we finally made the trip somewhat shorter. We sailed to Stockholm and returned along the Turku archipelago visiting the beautiful, most outward islands.


HSS Itävaja

HSS Itävaja "the East shed" was ruined by a violent fire in the summer. The cause of the fire is unknown. The fire began at 21:30 the shed burnt down to the stone base. The fire did not cause any physical injuries and there were no boats in the shed at the time. masts, sails and other boat equipment were stored in the shed. "Itävaja" was built in 1900. The previous fire on the island was in the 1980s on midsummer, when boats were burnt in the other (Länsivaja) shed. The original restaurant pavilion burned down in the 1940s.