We made the normal autumn maintenance and also in the spring normal procedures took place. We planned to participate in the Kotka Wooden boat -show thus we painted sides of Aura as well. We got Aura in the sea fairly late because both of us, Olli and Hannu were travelling abroad on work related trips way too much in late May and early June. It was a great pleasure to participate in the Kotka Wooden boat -show, we got lots of new friends and we also met owners of highly exceptional motorboats from Sweden. We saw a 55 feet motorboat beauty of mahogany.
(written by Hannu Peltonen, slightly edited by Mikael Aminoff)


On November 30, 2006 the sales contract was signed and s/y Aura was ours. Aura had been on land in the shipyard of Lindgren since the autumn of 2005. In the ceremony there was a brisk discussion about Aura’s anchors, sails, ropes, radio, docking and other equipment. There were inventory here and there, and in the beginning of the year these were then moved to new locations, garages, attics and depots. In the beginning of the year I started to list all the missing former owners – and we found a few more than there had been listed before. The list appearing on these pages includes the most accurate information available. I also gathered more interesting information regarding Aura that you can find on these pages.

(written by Mikael Aminoff)