Last summer (2010) we noticed that the aft deck was "flexible" in a suspicious way. Very soon we realized that there was one of the bars missing. Well we got the shortest guy and folded him three times and pushed him through the hatch first with a measuring tape and later with the bar, glue and other necessary items.
Aura arriving at Sundholm at Uusikaupunki. Pave, Marko and Anna.
In the beginning of August we sailed Aura from Uusikaupunki to Helsinki. From Uusikaupunki to Hanko with Jyrki, Pave and Micke.
Aura at Nauvo. Facts about Aura on the pier.
Big ships, big powers, big waves.
Micke, Pave and Jyrki at Hanko. Waiting for Marko who will continue with Micke to Helsinki.
Micke and Marko at Andö on the way from Hanko to Helsinki
Marko and Micke arriving in Helsinki from Uusikaupunki through Hanko
Viaporin Tuoppi August 13, 2011. Short time of prayer before leaving for the start of Viaporin Tuoppi
Strategy session before Viaporin Tuoppi
Viaporin Tuoppi
Viaporin Tuoppi
This year we did not participate with a spinnaker but as you can see many others had it in the gentle wind
During the Viaporin Tuoppi somebody who entertained the competitors playing the trumpet had taken his bike with him?
The crews from Aura and Havis Amanda at Viaporin Tuoppi
Feelings from the summer in Uusikaupunki
More feelings

Text: Mikael Aminoff