2009 (our 3. year)

In the autumn of 2008 we made room for a new engine - Kubota Beta 25 hp - that was installed in the pring of 2009! www.veneakselisto.comIn the winter we continued where we finished in the autumn. We installed a heater to dry up the inside in the summer rains and the chilly weathers in June and late August. We also picked up a plotter to make the navigation easier and in the  spring we installed a new engine. Jukka Laine installed a new Kubota Beta 25 hp which turned out to be a good purchase. We had to do some minor adjustment with the exhaust pipe and the muffler but the new engine has functioned quite well and reliably (Micke)The new heater found its place under the deck. All the pipes and valves were installed by ourselves. The enthusiastic look-outs are seeking for the lost wind?
The long trip for the summer was meant to be Helsinki-Uusikaupunki-Ahvenanmaa-Visby(Gotland)-Kuresaari(Estonia)-Hanko-Hki but this plan shrinked and this year Gotland and Estonia was dropped out. In Ahvenanmaa we visited Olli Alho and his lovely wife Mari on their island, Kumlinge, Södholm. (Micke)HSS port at Andö in Inkoo close to the "Olympic route".All the shipowners at Andö.Pave meditates on those things?
Beginning of summer heading for Uusikaupunki.Aura visiting Jussi and Kirsti Erikkilä's old croft in Johteenkulma, Kustavi.The Erikkiläs serves provisions for the wayfarers.Restaurant Pooki's courtyard and a cold beer in Uusikaupunki.
Marko and Pave in front of Micke's cottage in Uusikaupunki.Sundholman edustalla, Micken laiturin edessä  Uudessakaupungissa.We visited our friend Olli Alho and Mari at Södholm (Kumlinge) on our way to Åland.Olli Alho took good care of us at Södholm
Bomarsund is a nineteenth century fortress in Sund on the Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea. It was built in 1832 by Russia but destroyed twenty two years later in 1854 in the Crimean War by a British-French fleet.Bomarsund restaurant and PaavoThe 19. Viapori Tuoppi was August 15, 2009 and there were a total of 187 boats. Aura L-35 was 3. (11,5%) in the class LYS 1, time 2.10.56 (together 26 boats participated in that class)
Lygaia FIN-95, was 26. (100%) in  LYS 1, time 1.48.27
Havis Amanda L-178, was 4. (14,2%) in LYS 2, time 2.33.11 (together 28 boats participated in that class)."When shall we go out with Aura?" At KirjaClub (www.kirjaclub.fi) we had discussed this beginning last year. Now in the autumn we did it with a small group outside Helsinki and there was a lot of wind that day, 13 m/s. Here are Lädä, Pekka and Markku.
Markku Kukkonen really enjoyed it. Jussi and Markku takes care of the main sail.In March-May 2009 Micke was again on the big ocean, on the Pacific Ocean, spreading the message of Aura. 2007 over the Atlantic and now from Panama to Tahiti. The trip included Panama-Galápagos 800 miles, Galápagos - Marquises almost 3 000 miles, and finally Marquisas - Tahiti about 800 miles. Totally close to 4 600 nautic miles. Micke has written separate stories about these (in Finnish). Look at the pictures www.mikaelaminoff.kuvat.fiOn the Islands of Galpagos we saw turtles that were one, five, 25, 75 and 100 years old, that were taken care of an sheltered in a special reservation. Think of it that in the old times they took turtles in the big sailing ships for food. They were kept up side down in the hold, where these poor creatures stayed alive until the crew demanded them for food when the salted meat did not taste good enough!
We did not get any fish crossing the Atlantic in December 2007even if we tried hard. Now we had new and improved contribution present on the deck. We had real fishing rods and systems and we expected to get lots of fish. We had rods, bates, lines, weights, additional lures and all the rest of the toys. Now we going to see fish! Tunafish, dorado and others.I have to admit that the crossing of the Pacific Ocean feels very exciting but there is another fantastic feeling that can be experienced also elsewhere... imagine what it feels like when you are doing the night watch in a sailing boat in the middle of a big ocean. The sun has descended a long time ago but the moon has not yet risen. The sky above you is totally black except for millions of brightly sparkling stars. It is pitch-dark. There are no other vessels nor the the lights of them in sight. The warm trade wind blows enjoyably from the back and there are no other sounds around you that the purl of the water when the boat moves forward. In the head phones of your iPodin you can hear softly the Vangelis' Bon Voyage. This where a lot of things can be seen in a new perspective. I know you can experience this elsewhere too but it felt especially dignified out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
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2010 (our 4. year)

During the winter we have repaired sails, programmed the new MMSI number into the radiophone, we have done some wood work with a hatch in the aft, remade one of the the mattresses and renewed the syaura.fi domain. We have plans to compose an “emergency pump” and improve our bilge pump system, buy new ropes, an anchor mount and maybe modernize the electrical systems.  (written by Mikael Aminoff)Aura in the middle of April. A lot of job has been done like sanding the hull, the bottom and the deckhouse but there are lots still to do. Jukka installed a "emergency pump" in Aura during the spring, which means that the cooling water for the engine may be taken from inside the boat (just turning a handle) if there is a really big leakage.We decide to solve the problem with the bilge pump once and for all. We installed a real, big, effective bilge pump instead of the previous toys.
Micke made a cover on top of the stove in order to get more space for various things. In Hanko heading for Sandhamn and Gotland Classic Race in July with me, Jussi, Jarkke and Pave. Pave navigating. Passing Bengtskär and Suomen Leijona on the way to Sweden and Sandhamn.Jussi observing.
Jarkke taking a break.Micke in the heat and drinking enough water.In Sandhamn before the race.Aura in Sandhamn. All the Classic boats were in the same wet dock.
Every boat had to have this on the bow.This is Sandhamn Värdshus one of two main restaurants. The other is Seglarestaurangen. You have to reserve the table in the beginning of the year. We have a table for four for next year.The terrace of Sandhamn Värdshus. The other restaurant Seglarrestaurangen, KSSS club house and Race office
I promoted the saving of the Baltic Sea flagging for the Baltic Sea Action Group.One of our competitors s/y Vagabonde (Niklas Forsen). Others were s/y Volonté (Marie Krafft), Friendship II (Hilding Mattsson NJK), Regina (Jacob Wallenberg) and many more.Start at Svängen lighthouse.More beautiful classic boats at the start line.
After the start we had some wind. Then we had to face a long period of calm weather. Then we got some wind and we were 6th at the first turning point. The we got more and more wind and we lost both of the main halyards fore of the mast and then we had to use only the storm foresail until the finish line. We were too slow but made it all the way to the finish. We finally crossed the finish line.
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